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Is The Toni Curtis Hollywood Freeway Mural In Danger Of Being Lost To Vandals and Graffiti?!

Mural of Toni Curtis on Hollywood Freeway To Be Lost?

Artist George Sportelli Maintains His Mural Of Toni Curtis At His Cost

This mural of Toni Curtis by George Sportelli was painted back in 1995. It is located on the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles southbound at the Sunset Overpass. It has become a beloved landmark of LA culture.

For the last 15 years, it has been a constant fight by the artist to maintain the mural, at his cost, against graffiti and he’s getting tired of the whole incessant process.

Numerous wonderful, amazing murals have been obliterated along that same stretch of freeway. Here’s one I shot a picture of last month. I just jumped over a low chain link fence, slide down a ivy covered slope and I was on the freeway shoulder, right where any vandal would find it easy to deface.

Graffiti obliterates murals

Fabulous public art is being obliterated by vandals on Hollywood Freeway murals

I’m hoping that the artist will NOT get tired but persist. Ask for help from the Community Redevelopment Agency. Don’t give in to the dark side’s activities. The artist has blogged that he is currently looking for a site to relocate this mural. But will that happen?

Its especially important, now that Toni’s gone. I’ve left a message for George to call me. I’d like to help if I can.

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Comments (2)

Brant M. MarshDecember 29th, 2013 at 5:21 am

This year’s mural projects in Deep Ellum will follow in the footsteps of previous mural art projects in our beloved historic neighborhood. Phase I of the 2009 Mural Project will be the Good Latimer Corridor Murals. This phase will introduce murals along the Good Latimer/DART rail line in the very area that the Good Latimer Tunnel Murals have been buried. Dart line passengers will exit the Deep Ellum rails and be welcomed with murals from the following Phase I artists: Luke Harnden, Cathey Miller, Sergio Garcia, Mark Nelson, Brian Crawford, Amber Campagna, Issac Brown, Issac Davies, Tyson Summers, Judith Lea Perkins and Frank Campagna.” from Kettle Art — Murals began along the corridor in July and August 2009.

Jim HellorMay 8th, 2016 at 7:40 am

These days, I would imagine that any and all outdoor art is facing the same fate to thugs and those that do not appreciate art.

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